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RIO holds a unique place in the shotgun shell manufacturing world in that we are one of the few companies that controls and manufactures all of the components used in a shotgun shell. The key benefit for shooters is a quality product at an affordable price. The Wing & Target was designed specifically for the recreational shotgunner that wants to spend time breaking clays with friends and family. Recognized as soft shooting, clean burning because of our single-based powder and consistent from box to box the Wing & Target is soon to become a weekend favorite.

RIO’s “Blue-Box” Target loads have been a staple for target shooters in the US for over 15 years now. The Target line family encompasses the needs of each specific discipline of target shooter with multiple shot sizes in 7.5, 8, 8.5 and 9 as well as specific payloads and velocities. If you are starting in Trap the favorite load is the 1 oz of 8 shot at 1,210 fps our TLT28. Handicap Trap shooters prefer the TT32 with a faster velocity of 1,250 fps and larger 1 1/8oz load in 7.5, 8 or 8.5. The Target line also has specific Skeet Loads in 9, several 24 Gram International Loads, Sporting Clays, as well as 3-Gun. All target shooters appreciate the quality of the powders produced by RIO for their cleanliness, burning consistency and lower pressures for the least amount of recoil and best patterns possible.
In 2019 RIO will introduce a new Target Load during next week’s SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The new shotshells are ideal for beginners as they have a softer recoil and make it easier to improve accuracy shot after shot.
This is achieved thanks to two key innovations developed by RIO Ammo’s R&D team: the transparent hull to see what is inside the shotshell and the highly visible blue wad. Shooters can easily follow the trajectory of their shot and adjust accordingly to break more clays.