Waterfowl and Hunting Chokes 12 Ga

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Müller Waterfowl and Hunting Chokes

When Jimmy Muller set out to develop his line of Waterfowl Chokes, he had one goal in mind: To develop ONE style choke tube to outperform every choke tube on the market REGARDLESS of the hunter’s choice of ammo. He did it.  Muller Waterfowl Chokes have been field tested by many avid Hunters & Ballistics experts from around the World.  These Revolutionary test results speak for themselves.   Muller™ Waterfowl/Hunting Chokes have a "No-Risk Money Back Guarantee" that they will out pattern any other choke REGARDLESS of ammo choice!  Any shot size, material, wad, velocity, etc.  Ceramic matte-black exterior finish that is glare resistant & rust proof, Gun Specific Geometry (G.S.G) guarantees the most uniform, deadliest patterns ever produced.  3 Constriction choices:  DECOY,  PASSING ,  UFO