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Red Game Spice Mix

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Hunting Season Spice Co Red Game Spice Mix

This is the perfect go-to spice mixture for any wild game you throw together for your loved ones...
Versatile, dependable, flavorful, and affordable! 

Suggested Use: Deer, Moose, and Elk

50 g 

Through professional culinary experience and a deep understanding of wild game needs, we scientifically hand craft mixtures for you... the hunter, angler, trapper, bushcrafter, and foodie!

Our guiding and dedicated hand ensures the best paw forward in your wild game production experiences!

A dignified, rugged, tried, and true product has been carefully crafted in order to honour the life and death of each animal we prepare.

All natural factors considered, we have removed the guess work and potential flavor risk factors you may encounter.
From procurement to production, we are able to nourish our souls as hunters and gatherers through our heart from our stomach.


Hunting Season Spices is here to ensure that process is as unique as the meat you utilize.

From your hands to the table, we've got you covered... in flavor!